It takes real courage to start any new business and the team at BioCow are no exception.  As one of the first groups to take on the challenge of anaerobic digestion in the UK, the team have lived and breathed the challenges it presents from day one. The result is we have a skilled team that can take on the day to day challenges of managing the anaerobic digestion cycle from start to finish. This determination and commitment has enabled us to become one of the most efficient anaerobic digestion plant operators in the UK.

The BioCow HQ is ideally situated in the heart of some of the best farming land in the UK in the Cambridgeshire Fens.

The other product of anaerobic digestion is a valuable nutrient rich digestate fertiliser. This is an ideal fertiliser for crops and we have a skilled team able to spread this digestate to land using modern spreading equipment. This process returns nutrients that would otherwise be lost to landfill and further reduces reliance on oil derived fertilsers.

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