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Ellough AD Plant leads the way by allowing its borders to become a roadside nature reserve!



Recently a member of the public contacted us to request that we stop trimming the overgrowth around the border of our Ellough AD Plant so that it could revert back to a natural state, providing a safe haven for wildlife and local fauna.

Coming from a green and ecologically friendly background, we could understand the benefits proposed and at a recent board meeting it was unanimously agreed that where possible and safe to do so we would allow the borders to remain unhindered in growth and natural.

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Ellough AD Reaches 92% Efficiency and is set to increase output further

Following extensive upgrades and performance adjustments Ellough AD is now operating at 92% efficiency and is exporting 1200 scmh of gas to the national grid every hour.

Output is set to increase further later this year to 1500 scmh following the completion of stage 1 of the plant upgrades. Stage 2 which is planned to be completed by the end of the year will see the plants output increase to 2000 scmh.


5 Megawatt Ellough AD Plant Officially Opened

imageBiocow’s round the clock hard work and commitment has come to fruition. Our five megawatt Ellough AD plant, near Beccles has now been officially opened and is set to create a “major opportunity for local farmers to diversify their income stream”

More than 60 people, including representatives of the renewables, engineering and farming industries and the local authorities, were at Wednesday’s launch.

Ellough AD Plant provides renewable gas to National Grid Gas Distribution Ltd as part of its commitment to secure 80 renewable gas projects by 2020, and runs on 80,000 tonnes of crops a year.

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Latest News – Biocow is now the proud operators for Ellough AD, Britain’s biggest Gas to Grid AD plant!

Biocow are proud to announce that they are now the sole operators of Britain’s biggest Gas to Grid AD plant located in Suffolk, UK. The plant delivers 1,100Nm3/hour of biomethane, equivalent to 12MW/hour green energy directly to the natural gas grid.

Director Derek Burgoyne stated “This is an extremely exciting phase of our business as we extend our expertise and increase our team to tackle and invest in new plants across the UK. Our hard work, expertise and dedication for excellence  within the Renewable Energy sector has put our services in great demand and led us to Ellough. I look forward to making the Ellough AD Plant a champion of excellence within the AD sector over the coming months.”

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Biocow features in the Times in conjunction with Lombard

We have recently been featured in a special film commissioned by Lombard finance to feature in the Times. The video filmed over the course of one day describes in brief detail Biocow’s phenomenal success within the industry and how we plan to continue our push forward producing renowned efficiency and innovation within the Biogas industry.

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Biocow Works To Assist with gas to grid Bioplant in Suffolk England

Biocow in conjunction with Eastern Counties Finance are assisting Biocore in the development and improvement of a Bioplant in Beccles Suffolk.
Producing approximately 2,000m3/hour of raw biogas. Following an upgrading process, principally consisting of CO2 and trace contaminant gases removal, the plant will deliver 1,100Nm3/hour of biomethane, equivalent to 12MW/hour green energy directly to the natural gas grid.
As an added environmental bonus the anaerobic digestion facility will potentially save up to 21,000 tonnes of carbon from being produced each year and will provide enough energy to power 7,000 local homes!

Biocow’s First Open Day

Biocow held its first open day on Wednesday 27th November. Where 12 Uk  farmers visited the site and were shown the processes involved within a on farm AD plant.

Following the open days success we will be holding a monthly open day at the farm. Please contact us if you would like further information.