Why is BioCow different from every other AD Bioplant Operation?

We believe wholeheartedly in anaerobic digestion technology and the part it will play in the UKs future recycling and energy generation strategy.

The difference is – BioCow makes anaerobic digestion work.

Our focus is generating clean & Efficient power from the process of anaerobic digestion. With this focus we have created an environmentally and economically sustainable model that is efficient and reduces many of the risks associated with adopting anaerobic digestion.

Our success stems from pioneering the use of cattle manure which gave us a consistent and readily available feedstock. Consistency of feedstock removes many of the spikes that come with other anaerobic digestion models that rely on processing a wide variety of food wastes and suffer the associated challenges of inconsistent biogas production.

Having made our mark in the AD industry, we were asked to adopt and manage other AD plants. Now our experienced team deliver their drive and determination in pushing forward new and existing AD plants across the country.

Our passion and expertise in anaerobic digestion can move this technology into the mainstream of UK energy generation.

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